“Loved this bible study. At times, it even had me giggling a little. I grew up in a Christian household, so I was fairly familiar with most of the topics anyways, but this bible study took me so much more in depth than I ever knew about. I loved this book"

“I didn’t realize this Bible study prompts you to answer questions and write in it, especially since the paper quality is so nice. The lessons are great and it really makes you think about your answers. The pace of the timeline is nice as well. Unintentionally my "bible in 1 year" devotional lined up to the same days in this study. It's been a great and insightful journey through the bible. For the price I want to give these as presents!"

“I love this bible study and have already recommended to multiple people. It's digestible and you're able to control to depth of your readings, either starting with just reading the assigned passages or read with entire chapter along with the assigned passages and prompts. I look forward to reading my bible and uncover another lesson daily.”

“Love this study! It’s very concise and appealing in its style of artistic format. It keeps you focused and not overwhelmed as other typical print books are. Hope to see more studies like this it’s a fun way to learn!”

“Just because we can’t always see Jesus doesn’t mean He isn’t there. Just because we aren’t hearing Him doesn’t mean He’s being silent…Jesus is never absent in the story of the Bible, and He’s certainly not absent in any part of our story either.”

30 Days with Jesus is a great foundational study. I found the study to be very encouraging, and I liked how it was organized by portraits, prophecies, patterns, provisions, and protections."

"This Bible study is great!! It gives so much insight in to the presence of Jesus in every situation in the Old Testament!! I highly recommend this book!!"

“The content of this study is truly life changing. If you are struggling with shame, anxiety, intrusive thoughts, or just to learn more, you must buy this book with the video access. You will not regret it. We did it as a church group and learned so much.”

“The Don't Give the Enemy a Seat at Your Table Bible Study Guide, coupled with its impactful streaming video content, has been a game-changer in my spiritual journey. This powerful resource not only equips but empowers individuals to overcome the battles of the mind, offering a roadmap to victory that resonates deeply.

What sets this study guide apart is its relevance and practicality. The daily readings and reflections are not just theoretical; they provide actionable steps to win the battle of the mind. The guide prompts introspection, encourages self-reflection, and offers biblical wisdom that is both enlightening and empowering.

The streaming video is a dynamic companion to the study guide, delivering the message with visual impact and a compelling narrative. The combination of the two creates a comprehensive learning experience that caters to various learning styles, making it accessible and engaging for a broad audience.

This is a must-have resource for anyone seeking to fortify their mental resilience and cultivate a victorious mindset. It's an empowering journey that offers hope, guidance, and practical strategies for spiritual growth."

“This study guide is organized as a 5 week/session course. Each week/session having 3 individual studies that focus on 1 of the habits from the Habits of the Household book. The study book does bounce around a little with session 2 focusing on chapters 2 and 5 or session 3 focusing on chapters 4 and 8, but does a great job at working these different habits together. The study guide offers plenty of great discussion questions to aid in group study or for you to go through on your own. I found the videos to be very well done and provided lots of real world examples of implementing these habits in daily life. This is a wonderful study guide with lots of practical tips for young parents.”

“I love this study, and wish I had had something like this while my older kids were young, as it took us time to figure out healthy habits on our own! Justin Earley provides simple, thoughtful, and approachable ideas for focusing on the Lord as a family, and passing those spiritual habits to our children. It’s a practical and valuable study, and the discussion questions and activities are really helpful and reflective!”

“This was a great study guide for our small bible study. Bob Goff wrote an easy to the point book on how distractions can interfere with our purpose and joy with God. This study guide even has access to streaming videos along with great questions for personal growth.”

“When things are going good, but you do not feel good about your life, what is it that is weighing you down? This study takes a realistic look at what has happened in the past and how it is affecting you and how much we need to address the issues. Highly recommend the book and the study guide with videos.”

“This message is such a gift to anyone, but particularly those who have a strained or nonexistent relationship with their fathers. The foundation for freedom and living a righteous life is finding everything we could possibly need in our Perfect Heavenly Father. So grateful for this truth and to Louie Giglio for sharing it.”

“We chose this Bible study for a mixed audience of teen, middle age and older people. All of them really enjoyed the Jewish background that was presented and were able to interact with each other in group discussion. Will probably select another study by this author for our next one."

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