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Pray First: The Transformative Power of a Life Built on Prayer

How do you approach prayer?

Do you worry you are not doing it “correctly”? Do you see it as an obligation to check off a to-do list? Do you think of it as a last resort—a kind of supernatural SOS when you need help?”

In the Pray First video Bible study, Pastor Chris Hodges shares the teachings and methods he’s used to successfully help hundreds of thousands of people understand how to spend time in conversation with God—and enjoy every minute of it. You will gain tools to bring joy back into your time with God, explore prayers in the Bible, learn about fasting (an often overlooked discipline), and discover biblically grounded methods for making prayer a priority not an afterthought.

Pray First is a revolutionary study for all Christian who want to experience a dynamic, intimate prayer life with God.

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Out of the Cave: How Elijah Embraced God’s Hope When Darkness Was All He Could See

The prophet Elijah had just experienced a great victory over the prophets of Baal. But it only took a death threat from a wicked queen to send him running for his life into the wilderness. It was there, while hiding out in a dark cave, that he fell into a state of depression.

Bestselling author and pastor Chris Hodges explores this story of the prophet Elijah to reveal how everyone is susceptible to depression. Even when we're walking closely with God, we can still stumble and get lost in the wilderness of tangled emotions. But Elijah’s story reveals that we don't have to stay there! We serve a God who meets us in the darkness.

Drawing on his trademark blend of Bible-based wisdom, practical application, and personal vulnerability, Pastor Hodges will help you examine the causes of depression, the factors that contribute to it, and will offer you a biblical approach to wellness—mind, body, and soul.

In The Daniel Dilemma six-session video Bible study, Chris Hodges looks at the lives of both Daniel and Jesus, showing how we can stand for our biblical beliefs without being hostile or insulting to others. We can stand up for God's truth in a morally corrupt culture–while still loving others–because the goal is never about winning the argument but about winning hearts. Chris offers fresh insights and practical ideas to encourage Christians struggling with their cultural reality to hold God's standards high and to keep his grace deep–just as Jesus did, and just as his followers today are called to do.

What's Next? The Journey to Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose, and Make a Difference

In The What's Next five-session, video-based Bible study bestselling author and pastor Chris Hodges offers a practical guide to all those looking for clarity and guidance in their spiritual journey.

Chris reveals the four steps to spiritual maturity and demonstrates how each step is part of both a linear path and a cycle leading to deeper levels of faith. No matter where you may be on the spiritual spectrum, What’s Next? is the guide you need to find your footing and discover the joy that comes when walking the road of richer faith.