The Overcomers: A Bible Study in the Book of Revelation

In The Overcomers Bible Study, bestselling author and pastor Matt Chandler reveals what our lives would look like if we lived from a place of believing that we were fully prepared and equipped by God to handle anything that life threw at us. God has built us to be victors in this world. From the moment we received his salvation, we were given the gift of the Holy Spirit to fight the present darkness on this earth with his light.

But in these bleak times, we often find that Christians—and the Church—are snubbed, attacked, and criticized in this fight against evil. As a result, many of us struggle with accepting our role in the fight or feel we are on the losing end of a cultural war with no hope for victory. Yet regardless of the events and circumstances in our day, we can live a life of courage emboldened by the Lord. Marked by joy and conviction, we can push back darkness while being used by God to establish light and order.

We were made for this exact moment in history—and we are far more dangerous to Satan than we realize! We don't need to be afraid of anything in the present or the future, for Christ has already triumphed over anything we might face. We don't need to live as victims of our circumstances, for God is using our stories—regardless of how messy—to accomplish his will. We don't need to feel isolated, for we belong to a global community that has thrived for centuries to effectively overcome the enemy's plans.

This is our reality. We are not liabilities or weak links in God's rescue plan for the world. We are a powerful force for change today. We just need to accept this truth and engage in the battle.


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