Bible Studies about Identity

Hidden: Finding Delight in Your Life with Christ

What would your life feel like if the pressure valve to be known and seen was finally released? What if there's a different way of living altogether—one that leads to a unique beauty and bounty, one where we're firmly planted in Kingdom values?

Unveiling seven hidden characters in Scripture, we will mine their lives for the unique lessons of the concealed life, understanding that we are often concealed so that His glory might be revealed. Rather than fixating on the number of likes our posts receive or how many online followers we have, being hidden in Christ means living out of the truth of Who holds our hearts, hidden and secure. When God sees us, it doesn't really matter who else does or doesn't.

"…your life is hidden with Christ in God" (Colossians 3:3b). What an astounding promise! In a world where excellence is equated to exposure, and legacy is equated to likes, what does it mean to pursue a hidden life? God's Word offers us an astoundingly counter-cultural way of existing—one without the pressure to perform or make a platform. While there's nothing inherently wrong about exposure, we often confuse God's favor with famousness.

Living a concealed life (whether known by many or by none) is about resetting our motivations and thoughts. Excavating multiple concealed characters in God's Grand Narrative (including the Sons of Korah, Baruch, Ichabod, Huldah, the Daughters of Shallum, Jerushua, and Jael), we'll explore the power and purpose of hiddenness.

When Your Way Isn't Working: Finding Purpose and Contentment through Deep Connection with Jesus


Maybe you’ve found recently that you are getting more irritable with people. Or you’re feeling more overwhelmed and defeated by the challenges that life is throwing your way. Or you’re spending more time scanning social media than you are connecting with God in prayer. Even doing things your way isn’t working out the way you think it should.

If you’re feeling discouraged, frustrated, and worn out, it’s a good indication that something in your life is out of sync. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem found in Scripture. In John 15:5, Jesus tells his followers, “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can’t do anything.” Instead of going it alone in this life, we are to stay connected to him.

In this video Bible study, pastor Kyle Idleman reveals how we can actually do that by:

  • Seeking out greater rest, depth, and connection in our lives
  • Recognizing that what we can’t do makes room for what God can do
  • Finding freedom from the pressures of performance and production
  • Stepping out of loneliness and isolation even when it feels scary
  • Getting rid of the distractions that keep us disconnected from Christ

In the end, Kyle reveals that the fruit of your life will have nothing to do with your accomplishments and everything to do with your connections. No matter what happens in this world, the greatest joy comes from staying close to the God who stays close to you.

Seeing God as a Perfect Father: and Seeing You as Loved, Pursued, and Secure

You are… loved, prized, wanted, believed in by a perfect Father

How you view God informs everything about who you are and who you’re becoming. In this powerful video Bible study, bestselling author and pastor Louie Giglio challenges our perceptions of who God is and points us to know him as a heavenly Father who is not absent or ambivalent but is available and ready to embrace you with his unconditional love and blessing.

This powerful Bible study invites you to:

  • see that God is the perfection of your earthly father, not a reflection of him;
  • discover how to walk in the freedom of your identity as a loved child, uniquely created by God; and,
  • break the chains of generational patterns by forgiving your imperfect family.

When we take hold of the truth that God has spanned heaven and earth to reach us, we will no longer be defined by our pasts but by the love of a perfect heavenly Father. When we rightly see God’s character, we rightly see that we are loved, pursued, and secured by the Creator of the universe.

Woman Evolve: Break Up with Your Fears & Revolutionize Your Life


Whether you’re attempting to recover from a setback, break free from an addiction, or bring forth good fruit despite the forbidden fruit you were exposed to, God has a redeeming plan for you—just like He did for Eve. He wants to bless you and bless people through you. You are a beautiful, vast, ornate demonstration of God’s thoughts and hope for humanity.

Join Sarah Jakes Roberts for this six-week Bible study exposing the truth that you were born to bring light to the darkness, a revolution of faith to the next generation, and a smile in the wild! When fear tries to creep in and anxiety fights to seep in, you’ll remember two words, and know your command into freedom: Woman, Evolve!



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