Bible Study Formats

What Format is Right for You?

HarperChristian Resources has Bible studies for whatever medium works best for you or you and your group. Here is a rundown of all the types of formats we offer.

Study Guide

The majority of studies we provide pair video teaching with written study materials. The study guide is an invaluable resource for groups and individuals working through the teaching content of each study.

Each of the sessions in our study guide are divided into two parts: (1) a group study section, and (2) a personal study section. The group study section provides a basic framework on how to open your time together, get the most out of the video content, and discuss the key ideas that were presented in the teaching. Each session includes the following:

  • Welcome: A short opening note about the topic of the session for you to read on your own before you meet as a group.
  • Connect: A few icebreaker questions to get you and your group members thinking about the topic and interacting with each other.
  • Watch: An outline of the key points covered in each video teaching along with space for you to take notes as you watch each session.
  • Discuss: Questions to help you and your group reflect on the teaching material presented and apply it to your lives.
  • Respond: A short personal exercise to help reinforce the key ideas.
  • Pray: A place for you to record prayer requests and praises for the week.

If you are doing a study in a group, make sure you have your own copy of the study guide so you can write down your thoughts, responses, and reflections.

Study Guide - ebook

Our ebook study guides are exactly the same as our print study guides, only immediately available on your preferred reading device. You can order study guide ebooks from ChurchSource,, Amazon, and many other retailers offering ebook downloads.

Streaming Video

Each of our video studies is available in streaming video. All study guides published since mid-2021 come with streaming video access at no additional cost on our video platform. We are continually upgrading studies published before 2021 with streaming video as well. The video content of our studies is also available for purchase on Vimeo.


In some situations streaming video doesn't work. So we continue to offer DVDs of every one of our studies. These are available wherever you buy your study guide. DVD's contain all the video teaching sessions and are designed to partner with the coordinating study guide, which is sold separately.

Audio Bible Study

Audio Bible studies provides a unique audio learning experience. They contain the exact same content as the video teaching, except without video. These sessions will reflect the ambiance of the unique recording locations, immersing the listener into the teaching. These studies are designed to partner with the coordinating study guide, which is sold separately.

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