08 July

Pursuing God’s Love in the Book of Genesis

by Margaret Feinberg

When it comes to rock climbing, I’m still a beginner. But I love watching skilled rock climbers scale rocks. They remind me of the importance of courage and commitment, no matter what challenges we’re facing in life.

A while back, I remember that I was feeling like I had hit a rock wall with God. I was still carving out time to spend with God each day, reading the scripture, praying, asking God to lead, direct, speak into my life. And all I heard was silence. When I face times like those in my life, the only thing I know to do is not give up. Stay courageous. Stay committed. Keep pursuing God and his love, even when I feel like I’m struggling to find the next handhold of faith.

Well, the weeks rolled into months. And I remember thinking, maybe it’s time to go back to the beginning. I opened my Bible to Genesis 1 and began reading. And for the first time in a long time, I felt that spark of connection with God. I kept reading morning after morning. When I finally finished those 50 chapters of Genesis, I returned to the beginning and read it again. That tiny spark became a steady flame.

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