27 February

Top 5 Studies on Biblical Characters

Embarking on a journey through the lives of biblical characters is to embark on a journey of self-discovery, spiritual enlightenment, and profound encounter with God. From the courageous faith of Esther to the passion of David to the perseverance of Elijah, each character invites us to delve deeper into the complexities of faith, courage, doubt, and redemption. Here are 5 studies from trusted teachers on biblical characters.

1. You Were Made For This Moment: How the Story of Esther Inspires Us to Step Up and Stand Out for God– Max Lucado

You Were Made for This Moment Bible Study Guide plus Streaming Video: How the Story of Esther Inspires Us to Step Up and Stand Out for God

Join Max Lucado on a journey through the book of Esther as he reminds us that God need not be loud to be strong, he need not cast a shadow to be present…and he is active even when he appears distant.

Are you weary from your challenges, wounded by your battles, or worried your world is spinning out of control? If so, the book of Esther brings welcome news that God hasn’t forgotten you.

In this video-based Bible study, Max Lucado will help you reclaim your eternal identity as a citizen of heaven, put your hope in the God of grand reversals, cultivate courage for your challenging times, and discover your role in God’s story.

You don’t need to become undone by tough times. You can become unleashed by our triumphant God. You, friend, were made for this moment.

Here’s a clip from the first session of You Were Made for This Moment:

2. Out of the Cave: How Elijah Embraced God’s Hope When Darkness Was All He Could See – Chris Hodges

Out of the Cave: How Elijah Embraced God’s Hope When Darkness Was All He Could See

Even when we’re walking closely with God, we can still stumble and get lost in the wilderness of tangled emotions, loneliness, and depression. In this five-session video Bible study, pastor Chris Hodges explores the story of the prophet Elijah to reveal how everyone is susceptible to feelings of depression. But Elijah’s story also reveals that we don’t have to stay there! We serve a God who meets us in the darkness.

Drawing on his trademark blend of Bible-based wisdom, practical application, and personal vulnerability, Pastor Chris will help you examine the causes of depression, the factors that contribute to it, and offer you a biblical approach to wellness—mind, body, and soul.

Watch the Bible study promo from pastor Chris:

3. Chase: Chasing After the Heart of God – Jennie Allen

Chase Bible Study Guide: Chasing After the Heart of God

Are you doing everything right but still feel empty? Are you so busy doing things for God and everyone else that you altogether miss him? Do you ever, in your busy life, stop and see him, really see him?

Jennie Allen once felt paralyzed in her relationship with God. It occurred to her that maybe she was chasing the wrong things. Maybe God was after something else. When she stumbled across the phrase in 1 Samuel 13, “David was a man after God’s own heart,” she was intrigued. She knew David was both completely broken, and completely sold out for God.

David’s life shatters our ideas of what God wants from us. In Chase, Jennie shows us a man who spent his life chasing after God, which points to several things we shouldn’t be chasing:

  • Don’t chase self-worth by achieving more
  • Don’t chase freedom by protecting yourself
  • Don’t chase approval by being moral
  • Don’t chase satisfaction by rebelling
  • Don’t chase fulfillment. Chase God!

Whether you’re running from God or working your tail off to please him, David’s journey will challenge your view of God. He is the only thing we can chase that won’t leave us feeling more empty.

Watch the Bible study promo from Jennie:

4. Goliath Must Fall: Winning the Battle Against Your Giants – Louie Giglio

Goliath Must Fall Bible Study Guide plus Streaming Video: Winning the Battle Against Your Giants

Fear. Rejection. Addiction. Anger. Comfort…Must Fall. 

It’s likely you have a threatening giant in your life…an adversary or stronghold that’s diminishing your ability to live a full and free life. Frozen in the grip of rejection, fear, anger, comfort, or addiction, we lose sight of the promise God has for our lives. Demoralized and defeated, we settle for far less than his best. God has a better plan for you, a plan for you to live in victory.

In this six-session video Bible study, Pastor Louie Giglio reveals a twist in the story of David and Goliath that will help you and your study group see how God works victories in the lives of his people.

Watch the first session from Goliath Must Fall:

5. Naomi (Known by Name Series): When I Feel Worthless, God Says I’m Enough – Jada Edwards, Kasey Van Norman, Nicole Johnson

Naomi Bible Study Guide: When I Feel Worthless, God Says I’m Enough

Naomi’s story, found in the book of Ruth, is a story of lost identity. She lost her husband and her sons, which in her culture left her completely without a home or a means to support herself. She was a Hebrew woman in Moabite territory, alone among strangers. She reacted by letting her circumstances define her. But even in her angry, fearful, rather dramatic season of feeling like the victim, God kept showing his faithfulness.

This Bible study will take you through Naomi’s journey from comfort and security to despair and bitterness; from hopeless drifting to faithful obedience; and from loss to redemption in one short lifetime. We’ll learn that when we go through trauma, loss, and hardship, it’s normal to feel Just. So. Done. Yet God remains close. He is not done. He can and will redeem even in our darkest circumstances.

Watch this promo for the Known by Name series