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The State of the Bible and Scripture Engagement

Every year the American Bible Society does extensive research into how engaged Americans are with the Bible, in a report called The State of the Bible. You can access this report here. One of the startling statistics shared in the report was the dip in Bible users in the last two years (see below). For […]

New in March 2024

Normally we have multiple studies releasing in a month, but this month we have just one. And it’s an amazing one! So you, dear reader, will be blessed with all that we have on this study: the full first session, a bonus session(!), the look inside the study guide, and a free downloadable toolkit for […]

Top 5 Studies on Biblical Characters

Embarking on a journey through the lives of biblical characters is to embark on a journey of self-discovery, spiritual enlightenment, and profound encounter with God. From the courageous faith of Esther to the passion of David to the perseverance of Elijah, each character invites us to delve deeper into the complexities of faith, courage, doubt, […]

5 Studies from Craig Groeschel

Craig is a New York Times bestselling author of books on a wide variety of topics, including dating and marriage, social media, purpose, direction, church leadership, and more. As one of the most respected leaders in the Church, Craig frequently speaks at leadership conferences worldwide, including events for the Global Leadership Network that reaches hundreds […]

5 Tips to Dealing with Difficult Small Group Members by Margaret Feinberg

Now maybe like me, you’ve been part of a small group where one or two people make it, ahem, challenging to stay focused on the Scripture and spiritual growth.  Maybe you’ve got a talker who takes so long to tell a story there’s no time for anyone else. Or maybe you’ve got a member that pipes […]

New Studies in February 2024

2024 is a leap year, meaning we all get an extra day on February 29. What are you going to do with all that bonus time? How about more Bible study? Identify the unhealthy ways you might be coping with emotions in Jennie Allen’s Untangle Your Emotions. Or discover how to short-circuit the bad-decision cycle, […]

Top 5 Studies for Lent

While Christmas gets a lot of attention–and rightfully so!-Easter is the most important date on the church calendar and annual celebration in our lives. Whether you and your group observe Lent or are wanting to dive into the life and work of Jesus leading into Easter, here are the top 5 studies from trusted teachers […]

3 Elements to Spiritual Growth

In John 17, Jesus prays to God the Father as he is facing crucifixion. And what is he thinking and praying about? His church. You and me, us. His prayer is that we would all be one in community—just as he is one with the Father. It’s not just that we grow through relationships to […]

Top 5 Studies for Christian Unity

Jesus loves his diverse and beautiful family. We are all adopted children. Grace is the pathway into God’s family. Because God is drawing in people from every tribe, background, and walk of life, his family will always be as diverse as the human race. Because Jesus is Lord and the Holy Spirit transforms hearts, God’s family can be united […]

Get to Know…Justin Whitmel Earley

Justin Whitmel Earley is a lawyer, author, and speaker from Richmond, VA. He graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in English Literature before spending four years in Shanghai, China, as a missionary. Justin got his law degree from the Georgetown University Law Center and he now runs his own business law practice […]

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