01 April

New Studies in April 2024

April is a great time to begin a new Bible study before summer starts. How are you being led to grow in this season? Explore how to live out the gospel in all of life—first in our hearts, then in community, and ultimately out into the world in Tim Keller’s Gospel in Life. Or discover […]

01 March

New in March 2024

Normally we have multiple studies releasing in a month, but this month we have just one. And it’s an amazing one! So you, dear reader, will be blessed with all that we have on this study: the full first session, a bonus session(!), the look inside the study guide, and a free downloadable toolkit for […]

19 February

5 Studies from Craig Groeschel

Craig is a New York Times bestselling author of books on a wide variety of topics, including dating and marriage, social media, purpose, direction, church leadership, and more. As one of the most respected leaders in the Church, Craig frequently speaks at leadership conferences worldwide, including events for the Global Leadership Network that reaches hundreds […]

31 January

New Studies in February 2024

2024 is a leap year, meaning we all get an extra day on February 29. What are you going to do with all that bonus time? How about more Bible study? Identify the unhealthy ways you might be coping with emotions in Jennie Allen’s Untangle Your Emotions. Or discover how to short-circuit the bad-decision cycle, […]

01 January

New Studies in January 2024

Now is an ideal time to think through what you want to study in the new year. In what ways do you want to grow in your faith? We have a few new studies that can help you kick off the year right. Help you and your family develop simple practices to grow closer to […]

27 November

New Studies in December 2023

Now that you are done with all your Christmas shopping for everyone else — you are done, right? — it’s time to think about how you want to start off your 2024 with God. Start off the year with a call to godly living in Margaret Feinberg’s James. In a world that cries out to […]

24 October

New Studies in October 2023

We’re closing in on the end of 2023 and have just what you need, be it a great gift (30 Days with Jesus), an Advent study (Waiting Here for You), a Jesus Bible study covering the bulk of the Old Testament (People), or a Bible study on love and priorities (The Love Everybody Wants). Keep […]