28 May

Top 5 Bible Studies on the Spiritual World

We all have a foot in two different worlds, whether we realize it or not: the physical world, and the spiritual world. And what happens in the spiritual world definitely affects what happens in the physical world – it’s just difficult to recognize sometimes. Maybe you’d like your eyes opened to the reality of the spiritual world or maybe you’d like to understand the Holy Spirit deeper or maybe you’d like some spiritual rhythms that will deeper your connection to Jesus and the world to come. Wherever you find yourself today, here are 5 video Bible studies that help you explore the spiritual world:

1. SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES: Live No Lies – John Mark Comer

Live No Lies Bible Study Guide plus Streaming Video: Recognize and Resist the Three Enemies That Sabotage Your Peace

The problem isn’t so much that we tell lies but that we live them. You are at war against lies. . .but you can defeat them.

The Live No Lies Bible Study draws from biblical truth and the wisdom of past saints to help you see how each of our soul’s enemies—the devil, the flesh, and the world—rob us of hope; sabotage our peace; and wreak havoc on our physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

You’ll learn how to unmask these lies and develop a strategy to fight back against deception by standing firmly on the truth we believe.

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2. HOLY SPIRIT: Help Is Here – Max Lucado

Help Is Here Bible Study Guide plus Streaming Video: Finding Fresh Strength and Purpose in the Pow

Now more than ever, we’re all weary from the loads we carry and the challenges we face. We have questions we cannot answer and problems we cannot solve. We’d hoped that life would be an invigorating adventure or an inspiring journey. We never expected to grow so tired so quickly. But Max teaches us that we can find fresh strength and purpose in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Bible makes more than a hundred references to the Holy Spirit, and Jesus says more about the Spirit than he does about the church, marriage, finances, and the future. But do we really know the Spirit?

Our Good Shepherd doesn’t just feed us; he leads us. He does more than correct us; he directs us. God keeps us on track—and best of all, he’s commissioned the Holy Spirit to guide us down the winding roads of life, wherever they may lead us.

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3. SPIRITUAL WARFARE: Spiritual Warfare is Real – Jim Cymbala

Spiritual Warfare Is Real Bible Study Guide plus Streaming Video: How the Power of Jesus Defeats the Attacks of Our Enemy

Satan is not out to get you to follow him; he’s out to get you to ignore him. 

When we spiritually zone out, doze off, fall asleep, we are forgetting that we are in the middle of a war–and Satan loves it this way! He loves to convince people he doesn’t exist. But Satan is real. He is an actual enemy of our soul. He is waging a real war against us. And we need to wake up and get in the fight. If we fail to do this, we do so at our own peril.

As believers in Christ, we have been given everything we need to stand strong and take the fight to the enemy. As we do, we will recognize, as the apostle Paul writes in 1 Corinthians, that God “gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

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4. SPIRITUAL LIFE: Rest & War – Ben Stuart

Rest and War Bible Study Guide plus Streaming Video: A Field Guide for the Spiritual Life

Struggle well. Fight for progress. Know the One who has fought for you.

The writer of Hebrews says that we are to “throw off everything that hinders” and run “the race marked out for us.” We are called to action and empowered to struggle well. And yet, as we navigate life, we realize there are difficulties without and discouragements within. Not only do we feel ill equipped to thrive . . . we don’t even know how to survive.

Pastor Ben Stuart shares how this knowledge led him to develop a practical strategy of resting in God’s strength and warring against the enemy’s attempts to keep him locked into patterns of sin. He helps group members to likewise develop strategies that will enable them to: (1) overcome the deceptive strategies of sin aimed at their weaknesses; (2) orient their lives and loves around a God who cares for them, (3) recognize that under their misdirected affections and motivations is a deep longing for God, and (4) discover methods of overcoming personal shortcomings that do not rely on shame-based motivation.

Life is hard, but there are promises to grip. Strategies and tactics to employ. Progress to be made. Are you ready?

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5. HOLY SPIRIT: Jesus in Me – Anne Graham Lotz

Jesus in Me Bible Study Guide plus Streaming Video: Experiencing the Holy Spirit as a Constant Companion

In the Jesus In Me video-based Bible study Anne Graham Lotz provides a format for studying the Bible that will help you learn to listen for God’s voice, know Him in an intimate relationship, and communicate with Him through His Word.

Throughout the eight sessions, you and your group will discover why the Holy Spirit is an essential part of the Christian life and how he speaks directly to you through the pages of your Bible. Anne begins with a workshop and video instruction on an effective, 5-step approach to studying your Bible.

After that, you’ll apply the skills of asking and listening as you work through five Bible studies per week on selected Scriptures about the Holy Spirit.

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