22 April

Top 5 Bible Studies for Moms

Mothers are entrusted with a divine mission: to nurture and guide their children towards knowing God. But this calling comes with hard questions, difficult challenges, and unparalleled joys. From how to capture peace in the midst of hard seasons, apply biblical lessons to your own modern-day struggles, or experience Jesus’ presence every single day, these Bible studies will equip and encourage moms in their daily walk with God.

1. Mothers & Daughters of the Bible Speak– Shannon Bream

The Mothers and Daughters of the Bible Speak Workbook: Lessons on Faith from Nine Biblical Families

God uses mothers and daughters in critical roles throughout the Old and New Testaments. They are often used to change the course of history, but more importantly, these female relationships and roles reveal a deeper depth of God’s love for and faithfulness to each of us.

This workbook is based on the #1 New York Times bestseller, The Mothers and Daughters of the Bible Speak. In these nine lessons, you will consider the parallels between the relationships, experiences, and challenges of women in the Bible as mothers and daughters and your own. You’ll reflect on how God focused on their faith and trust—and how He is doing the same with you.

Look Inside the Mothers and Daughters of the Bible Speak Workbook:

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2. She’s Still There – Chrystal Evans Hurst

She's Still There Bible Study Guide: Rescuing the Girl in You

What do you do if you look in the mirror and realize the life you want is not the life you’re living? What do you do if you feel lost in the middle of your life? Or if you feel you’ve drifted away from your hopes, your dreams, and your plans?

In the She’s Still There Bible study, Chrystal Evans Hurst shares what she’s learned about how to love and honor your life—even when your life is not easy to love. You will be encouraged to take an honest look at your life right now . . . and see what might have taken you off track. You will look at Bible passages that reveal how to capture peace in the midst of hard seasons by seeing them as refining moments instead of defining moments. As you focus on the promise of God’s truth for your future and run the race He has set for you, you will rediscover that the girl you once saw in the mirror . . . she’s still there.

Watch this clip from Chrystal’s study on rescuing the girl inside you:

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3. 12 Daring Women of the Bible – Lisa Harper, Margaret Feinberg, and Others

12 Daring Women of the Bible Study Guide plus Streaming Video: Real Women, Real Trials, Real Triumphs

In this twelve-session video Bible study, some of today’s best-loved Christian authors and speakers look at the spiritual lessons learned from twelve daring women in the Bible and what they mean for you today.

As you look at each of these women’s lives, you will discover how to:

  • Apply biblical lessons to your own modern-day struggles.
  • Live through your failures as well as your successes.
  • Draw near to God in a world filled with trials.
  • Find lasting contentment in every situation.
  • Overcome rejection and insecurity . . . and much more.

Watch this clip from Lisa Harper’s session on the Bent Women:

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4. 30 Days with Jesus – Lysa TerKeurst and Joel Muddamalle

30 Days with Jesus Bible Study Guide

Though we may feel alone sometimes, Jesus assures us we are not. Even when we can’t see Him, He is here. Even when we aren’t hearing Him, He isn’t silent. How can we know this for sure? Because Jesus is never absent in any of Scripture, and he’s certainly not absent in our lives either.

In 30 Days with Jesus: Experiencing His Presence Throughout the Old and New Testaments, authors Lysa TerKeurst and Dr. Joel Muddamalle will help you:

  • Reframe your questions and doubts as opportunities to look for Jesus with greater intentionality throughout your day.
  • Make connections between the Old and New Testaments so you can understand the Bible as one complete story.
  • Overcome dread or confusion toward studying Scripture as you receive six weeks of guided readings, reflection questions, and relevant takeaways.

Jesus isn’t hiding from us; He’s waiting to be seen by us. Let this Bible study help you experience His presence every single day.

Look Inside the first section of 30 Days with Jesus:

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5. Rest for Your Soul – Wendy Blight

Rest for Your Soul by Wendy Blight

Rest for Your Soul meets you in the middle of your overwhelmed life. Join Wendy as she walks you through how to find your way back to the peace and calm you’ve been searching for so that you can feel “normal” again. She will encourage and equip you to creatively connect with God through three holy habits—solitude, silence, and prayer. Habits that will shift your perspective, take your eyes off your unsettledness, and fix them on God—the only One who can bring you peace through His powerful, healing, life-transforming Word.

This study includes:

  • Personal Bible study with questions and insights to help you apply the truths you are learning in transformational ways
  • Guided prayers, written for the circumstances you face, that you can turn to when you need them most
  • Additional resources from the author including historical and biblical insights, memory verses, a mini study on the names and attributes of God, and even recipes

Look Inside Rest for Your Soul by Wendy Blight:

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