01 March

New in March 2024

Normally we have multiple studies releasing in a month, but this month we have just one. And it’s an amazing one! So you, dear reader, will be blessed with all that we have on this study: the full first session, a bonus session(!), the look inside the study guide, and a free downloadable toolkit for small groups.

Finding Peace through Humility Bible Study Guide plus Streaming Video: A Bible Study in the Book of Judges

“In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit” (Judges 17:6). 

In truth, the people had a King—the Lord—but were quick to reject him and his authority over their lives, getting trapped into a cycle of faithlessness, pain, and crying out for God to rescue them. 

With relatable stories, practical wisdom, and biblical teaching, theologian Dr. Joel Muddamalle reveals that the solution to the Israelite’s problem, which is the same problem we have today, is to return to practicing humility. Finding Peace Through Humility will help you: 

  • walk through hurtful situations in God-honoring ways by gaining a true understanding of biblical humility, 
  • gain perspective to trust God when you go through hardships and heartaches, and 
  • face your fears and see the unlikely and unexpected places in which God is working in your life. 

Here’s Joel talking about the scope of the study →

Watch the first session from Finding Peace Through Humility:

Walk through the first session of the study guide:

Watch a bonus session on Psalm 46 from Joel Muddamalle:


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