31 January

New Studies in February 2024

2024 is a leap year, meaning we all get an extra day on February 29. What are you going to do with all that bonus time? How about more Bible study? Identify the unhealthy ways you might be coping with emotions in Jennie Allen’s Untangle Your Emotions. Or discover how to short-circuit the bad-decision cycle, make wise decisions, and begin to become the person God wants us to be in Think Ahead by Craig Groeschel. Keep reading to learn more about both of these and others!

Revelation Bible Study

Revelation  is  a  wake-up  call,  not  a  blueprint  for  the  final  apocalypse.  John spotlights corrupt human politics while unveiling the coming of the true King, Jesus Christ. Followers of Christ are shown as witnesses to the coming King and worshipers of the Lamb of God.

In this volume of the New Testament Everyday Bible Study series, Scot McKnight boldly tackles political issues, transcending party lines to expose the danger of equating America with God’s kingdom. Revelation unveils sins that beset first century  Christians  and  still  beset  us  today:  idolatry,  immorality,  and  injustice.  Fortunately, the book also provides us imaginative visions of how followers of Jesus are to live when surrounded by these timeless sins.

John tells readers that we are blessed by God if we listen, learn, and follow the words of Jesus, worshiping God alongside the hosts of heaven. Be empowered to courageously dissent against corrupt powers and shine a light in a world of darkness.

Each volume provides:

  • Original Meaning. Brief, precise expositions of the biblical text and offers a clear focus for the central message of each passage.
  • Fresh Interpretation. Brings the passage alive with fresh images and what it means to follow King Jesus.
  • Practical Application. Biblical connections and questions for reflection and application for each passage.

Read the first lesson for Revelation →

The God of the Other Side video Bible study

In the Gospels, we often read of Jesus telling his disciples to travel to the “other side” of the Sea of Galilee. What we don’t often realize is what this other side represented. It was the region of the Decapolis, where many pagan religions were practiced. The disciples, under Jewish law, would have been considered unclean even to step foot there.

In this six-session video Bible study, Kathie Lee Gifford and Joanne Moody reveal how Jesus broke through social barriers and reached those on the “other side” whom society had abandoned. Through the stories of the Demoniac, Samaritan Woman, Prodigal Son, four friends of the paralyzed man, and Cornelius and Peter, you will discover the incredible lengths to which God will go to reach those who are lonely, lost, and left behind. You will be challenged to follow Jesus’ example and daily go to the other side for those who need his love.

Here’s Kathie Lee & Joanna inviting you to join this study →

Untangle Your Emotions Bible Study Guide plus Streaming Video: Naming What You Feel & Knowing What to Do with It

Does the Bible really tell us that our emotions are untrustworthy? God made us to feel our emotions, to examine and share them—not manage or suppress them. We can learn what it means to live emotionally-healthy lives from studying Jesus’ life and how He cared for and responded to the people around Him.

Join Jennie Allen for the Untangle Your Emotions Bible Study as she helps you discover that emotions that are submitted to God and used for the purposes God intends connect us to each other and to Him. This six-session study will equip you to:

– Be encouraged through the examples of emotion in Scripture by God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

– Identify the unhealthy ways you might be coping with emotions.

– Learn a biblical step-by-step method to help you process, name, and notice what you are feeling.

– Move from apathetic to articulate when it comes to sharing what you feel.

Check out the scope of the study here →

Think Ahead Workbook: The Power of Pre-Deciding for a Better Life

We all want to make great decisions, but frequently, we don’t. When the moment of truth arrives, we make choices that we later regret. It causes us to wonder if we actually can begin to make better decisions for our lives.

Pastor and bestselling author Craig Groeschel understands this dilemma that we all face. From both personal experience and as a minister and counselor to others, he knows what it is like to be trapped in a cycle of bad decision-making. But over time, he has discovered how to short-circuit the bad-decision cycle, make wise decisions, and begin to become the person God wants us to be.

In the Think Ahead Workbook, which accompanies the book of the same name, Craig draws on the truth of Scripture and the latest research in human behavior to reveal the power of making decisions in advance—what we might call “pre-deciding”—to position ourselves to make the choices we really want to make and avoid those choices that we do not want to make.

Read the first lesson here →

Welcome to the Basement Study Guide: A Practical Guide to Building Jesus’ First-Shall-Be-Last, Upside-Down Kingdom

Has your faith felt a bit stagnant lately? Do you long to see God do powerful things in your life like He did in the days of the early church?

This practical study guide, based on Tim Ross’s Welcome to the Basement, will help you assess where you are in your relationship with God and what steps you need to take to move to the next level in your faith. You will see that when Jesus comes into your life, everything should get turned upside down . . . or, from heaven’s perspective, get turned right side up. When that happens, it changes how you think, how you behave, and how you act toward others. It opens up the floodgates for God to change your heart, pour out His blessings into your life, and empower you to do great things for Him.

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