27 November

New Studies in December 2023

Now that you are done with all your Christmas shopping for everyone else — you are done, right? — it’s time to think about how you want to start off your 2024 with God. Start off the year with a call to godly living in Margaret Feinberg’s James. In a world that cries out to be seen, Allison Allen-Bible teacher and co-host of the Back Porch Theology podcast with Lisa Harper-teaches that a life that doesn’t seek to be seen is a gift from God in her new video Bible study, Hidden. Keep reading to learn more about each of these and more!

James: What You Do Matters Bible study

If there’s one book that has taught me that what I do matters, it’s the book of James.” Beloved author and speaker Margaret Feinberg has been teaching the Bible for over 25 years. In her newest video Bible study, she leads you through this treasure trove of wisdom and timely teaching.

Join Margaret in a joy-filled, fresh study of the book of the Bible that sounds more like Jesus than any other letter in the New Testament. You’ll discover the genuine markers of true faith, develop new practices of spiritual maturity, and discover how much the Father of heavenly lights treasures you.

Watch the James promo with Margaret →

Hidden Bible Study Guide plus Streaming Video: Finding Delight in Your Life with Christ

In a world where excellence is equated to exposure, and legacy is equated to social media likes, what does it mean to embrace a hidden life? What does it look like to exchange:

  • Performance culture for unconditional love?
  • Visibility for inherent value?
  • Earthly accolades for heavenly reward?
  • Enslavement to people-pleasing for freedom in Christ?
  • Hiding from life for being hidden in God?

In Scripture, Jesus presents us an astoundingly countercultural way of existing—one without the pressure to perform or make a platform. The life Jesus offers us is focused on him. Simply and surely. Living a concealed life, whether known by many or by none, is about resetting our motivations and focus.

In this study, we will learn from and relate our own stories to examples of multiple concealed characters in the Bible including the Sons of Korah, Cleopas, Huldah, the Daughters of Shallum, Pilate’s Wife, and Gideon. Join Allison Allen as she explores the power, purpose, and delight of hiddenness in Christ.

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The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi video Bible study

Kathie Lee Gifford and Rabbi Jason Sobel will take you and your group beyond the typical “Sunday school” teaching to examine the true texts of the Bible.

In this six-session video Bible study (video streaming code now included), Kathie Lee invites you to join her as she visits sites in Israel that have impacted her faith and understanding of Scripture. As she shares her story, coauthor Rabbi Jason—a messianic Jewish rabbi—provides fascinating background details that make the story of the New Testament come alive.

As Kathie Lee and Rabbi Jason reveal in this study, Jesus (the Rock) came into this world and walked the lands of Israel (the Road) to show us the way to God. And when we are introduced to the mysteries of God’s Word (the Rabbi) and understand it in the context in which it was written, radical transformation begins to renew our hearts and minds.

Watch the promo for The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi →

Jonah, Amos, and Hosea: The Faithfulness of God

God’s faithfulness is on display throughout Scripture but is especially evident in the books of Jonah, Amos, and Hosea. Through the lives, examples, and messages of these three prophets, we see God’s constant love and forgiveness for Jews and Gentiles alike in spite of blatant disobedience, spiritual adultery, inappropriate worship, and a lack of justice.

In the twelve studies within, join John MacArthur to focus on these “Minor Prophets”—so called for their brevity rather than their importance. By working through this study, you will learn that in your life, just as in the lives of the people of Israel, God’s faithfulness is unending—even when our faithlessness is constant.

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