Grit Don't Quit Bible Study

Are you tired of being knocked down but not getting back up?

The Bible talks a lot about grit, but it doesn’t exactly use the word. Scripture uses terms like perseverance and endurance to describe doing difficult things and having the determination to keep moving despite challenges and weariness. But grit is just a little bit something extra, right? The grittiest of all characters in the Bible was the Apostle Paul and he is known for his ability to get back up and keep going no.matter.what because Paul was not Paul’s sole focus.

In this five-week video Bible study, Bible teacher and preacher Bianca Olthoff dives into the stories of Paul and others who have come before us to show how they overcame the same life circumstances we struggle with today. You will learn how to keep going—that it’s never by your own strength and it’s always for God’s glory that you get.back.up.

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Included in the Bible study:

• Group discussion questions and activities

• Individual access to five streaming video talks from Bianca

• Personal, transformative Bible study exercises between sessions

• Chapter reading through Grit Don't Quit book

• A small group leader helps section with tips on leading a group

Free downloads:

Church Toolkit - A toolkit to help churches promote them starting Grit Don't Quit Bible Study.

Sample - A sample of the first session of the Bible study!


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