Five Practices to Help You Engage with God through Scripture

The primary goal of reading the Bible isn’t to know the Bible; instead, it’s to know the God of the Bible. You have the opportunity to know God first-hand, just as the writers of Scripture knew God first-hand. The Abide Bible Course is intended to be different because the approach to the Bible is entirely different. The goal is not for you to merely read the Bible, but actually to engage with Scripture.

 In this study you’ll be encouraged to participate in a variety of practices. Some will feel natural; others might feel different or new. Not all scripture engagement practices will be a perfect fit for everyone.

There is no one size fits all. But the encouragement is this: press in anyway. Participate—and then see which practices resonate with you and your Scripture engagement “personality.” Pay attention to which ones work and which ones are more difficult—and then lean in farther with where you sense the Lord is meeting you in your time in his Word.

The Abide Bible Course: Five Practices to Help You Engage with God Through Scripture

Do you feel guilty that you don’t read your Bible every day? When you do sit down to study the Bible, do you find yourself easily distracted and feeling like you’re missing something? Are you looking to connect with God’s Word in a fresh way that makes you look forward to your daily time in Scripture? If so, The Abide Bible Course is for you!

In this study, a professor and a pastor—Dr. Phil Collins and Randy Frazee—will walk you through five innovative practices that will take you beyond just reading and help you deeply engage with Scripture in a way that fits your unique personality and learning style. In each session, they will explain the practice and walk you through each one—with practical examples—so you can try it out for the upcoming week. These practices include:

  • Praying Scripture: pray with the words of Scripture instead of your own
  • Engage Through Art: looking at works of art to help you see a passage in a new way
  • Journal: writing out your thoughts and feelings on a passage to give you greater clarity
  • Picture It: putting yourself into the stories of the Bible to experience them firsthand
  • Contemplate: deeply reflecting and praying through a passage in God’s Word

Jesus instructed his followers to "abide" in him so they could lead fruitful lives (see John 15:4). The Abide Bible Course will equip you to establish a daily, lifelong habit of abiding in God's Word so you can hear his voice.


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